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Vega is a walk-behind scrubbing machine that combines power and versatility in a single machine while remaining compact and easy  to handle.  With Vega, Comac quality focuses on the essential: ease of use, robustness and functional design make the range perfect for working in the most difficult dirt conditions. It is therefore a washer-dryer suitable for every situation: from cleaning the floors  of the industrial or logistics sector to those of healthcare facilities or large-scale distribution.                                                
Its technical characteristics and functionality make Vega a professional scrubbing machine suitable for both maintenance and basic cleaning  of large spaces that can reach up to 4500 m²


The Vega range is equipped with a new digital control panel with an even clearer and easier to use display to view information and set operating parameters intuitively and quickly. The practical knob on the instrument panel is used to increase or decrease speed according to operating needs. The safety button located under the instrument panel is used to stop the machine immediately in the event of an emergency.
The solution tank filler hose can be connected directly to any water tap, thus allowing the machine to be quickly refilled at any location Vega can also be equipped with the Fast Filling System, a simple device that allows rapid filling with clean water even without operator supervision.
The scrubbing-sweeping version (BTS) is equipped with a debris hopper that can be easily emptied taking it out from the right side
  Work capacity up to sq.m./h/sq.ft./h 3655
  Autonomy up to (h) 4
  Working width (mm) 850
  No. of brushes (inch) 32
  Width with squeegee (cm) 99
  Solution tank (l) 75
  Noise level dB (A) 70
  Power supply Battery24V



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