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Suitable for the maintenance and deep cleaning of medium- and large-size work, industrial and service spaces up to 5,000 sq. m. Thanks to the adjustment of the pressure up to 150 kg, Ultra 100 B is suitable for the cleaning of very heavy dirt.

Ultra 85/100 B and Ultra 85 BS scrubbing machines are available in both the scrubbing version, with disc brushes of 83 and 100 cm working width and the scrubbing-sweeping version, with cylindrical brushes with 91 cm working width.
The machine has been designed to make the operator's job as comfortable as possible and to be extremely user-friendly even for unskilled staff. Ultra 85/100 can boast excellent low-noise levels thanks to the suction motor fitted inside a double-wall tank made of insulating polyethylene. Its step-through design ensures excellent accessibility to the driver's seat from either sides as well as excellent operating safety.

Ultra 85/100 is born with: A device to reduce speed when going round a bend; When traction stops so do the brushes and the supply of water; Acoustic alarm when reversing; Clean water level pilot light; Electronic float for the recovery tank


CDS (Comac Dosing System) is Comac's new water and detergent dosing system (optional).
Separation of the two liquids is regulated by two separate selectors which means you can always work with the right amount of solution according to the type of dirt to be removed.
By using this device production is increased and labour costs can be controlled.
Ultra 85/100 is very silent - Only 59.5 dB (A)
The suction motor is designed to be isolated inside a double-chamber carter which allows considerably reducing the noise and making cleaning operations very silent.
For a more demanding clientele, the suction head has been designed to also contain the second, optionally supplied suction motor.
The scrubbing head is equipped with two counter-rotating brushes and may move sideways (version B) to ease cleaning along walls and shelves. In case of a side impact, the base automatically retracts without requiring any control (it can absorb impacts). Thanks to an extremely user-friendly joystick, the scrubbing head is very easy to control.
Thanks to a system developed by Comac, the squeegee can be rotated by the operator till reaching the horizontal position. This ensures a perfect cleaning of the squeegee rubbers and an excellent constant drying (available for the Ultra 85/100 B models).
The presence of the quick coupling fitting with level float allows filling up the clean water tank very quickly and conveniently (optional).
  Ultra 85 B Ultra 100 B Ultra 85 BS
Work capacity up to sq.m./h/sq.ft./h 5.395/58100 6.500/69970 5.900/63500
Autonomy up to (h) 4,5 4,5 4,5
Working width (cm/inch) 83/32,7 100/39,37 91/35,8
No. of brushes (Ø cm/inch) 2 (43/17) 2 (51/20) 2 (21x86,7/8,3 x 34,1)
Width with squeegee (cm/inch) 111,5/43,7 126,5/49,61 114/43,7
Solution tank (l/gal) 200/53 200/53 200/53
Noise level dB (A) 59,5 59,5 62,6
Power supply Battery (36V) Battery (36V) Battery (36V)



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