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Versa is a battery powered walk-behind scrubbing machine with automatic traction, available in the scrubbing version with 2 disc brushes with 55 or 65 cm working width.

The advantages that improve the quality of the cleaning operations:

• Great working autonomy and excellent cleaning performances combined in a compact and manoeuvrable machine;
• Brush head, squeegee attachment and frame made of die-cast aluminum make the machine robust and reliable over time, as well as lightweight and comfortable both during work and transport;
• Pressure Monitoring (PM): system for monitoring the power dispensed by the brush motors, in order to guarantee maximum effectiveness on any type of flooring (available upon request on the Versa 55-65);
• Self-levelling splash guards, adjust automatically also to uneven floors (as standard on Versa 55-65);
• Antibacterial tanks, available upon request, are ideal for healthcare industry;
• Easy Clean: special treatment that prevents dirt from sticking on the surface, making easier tank cleaning and sanitizing (upon request).


PM - Pressure Monitoring: system for monitoring the pressure on the brushes.
Monitors the power dispensed by the brush motors in order to guarantee maximum effectiveness on any type of flooring.
The frame, the squeegee mount and the brush head are made out of die-cast aluminum, that makes them robust and shock proof.
Convenient handle for increasing or decreasing the speed based on the operational requirements
The on board battery charger makes recharging easier and quicker
CFC Comac Fleet Care

CFC Comac Fleet Care

Versa can be arranged with the equipment needed for fleet management through Comac Fleet Care (CFC). Such system allows the remote control of machines status: if, when and where each machine is operating or if maintenance is needed, to let you promptly intervene avoiding machine downtimes and unexpected costs for extraordinary maintenance.
Self-levelling splash guards for better cleaning performance (Versa 55 and 65).
  Versa 55 BT Versa 65 BT Versa65 BTS
Work capacity up to sq.m./h/sq.ft./h 1.960/21097 2.295/24703 2300/24756
Autonomy up to (h) 3 3 3
Working width (cm/inch) 56/22 65,5/26 65,7/26
No. of disc brushes (Ø cm/inch) 2 (29/11,4) 2 (34/13,4) -
No. of cylindrical brushes (Ø cm/inch) - - 2 (13x61/0,42x2)
Width with squeegee (cm/inch) 80/31,5 80/31,5 80
Solution tank (l/gal) 62/16,4 62/16,4 62
Noise level dB (A) 66 66 66
Power supply Battery (24V) Battery (24V) Battery (24V)



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